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Pilot X Ltd

About us

Pilot X Ltd (Formerly known as iMusicTech Ltd) founded in 2008 and is an information technology company in Hong Kong. In the past 10 years, Pilot X Ltd has strived to develop innovative technology, not only in the field of software development but also hardware development. Fortunately, the company has gained appreciation from the industry of innovative technology. In 2012 and 2013, Pilot X has successfully extended our reach beyond Asia and earn international recognition; the company is the winner of multiple international awards. It has won a gold medal of Geneva Inventions and the Prize of the Ministry of National Education Romania in Geneva Inventions 2013. Other awards such as National Business Incubation Association Incubation Awards, the company has been awarded with the Outstanding Incubator Client – Technology Category.


Our Business

3D Surrounding Sound System

3DS³ is a revolutionary acoustic Technology. It is unique in the world that can “Enhance” music. 3DS³ mastering can produce 3-D Sound image and 360-degrees seamless sound field. There are 3 components including Aerospace Signal-Recovery, Sound-field Fusion (first in the world) and Psycho-Acoustic Technology.

App Development

Our expertise in strategizing, developing and designing a masterpiece app are significantly shown in our developed apps. 


Patent Technology

Music Card

Combined 3D Surround Sound Technology with our Pair of QR Codes Technology, anyone can create their own single with high quality. 

Ketch'up Bike

Ketch’up Bike was founded in 2016 doing sharing bike business. Starting from the year of 2019, the new vision of Ketch’up Bike is to promote Green Zero Carbon emission commuting in Hong Kong. There are two development projects. The first one is a new Ketch’up Green Commuting Sharing System and the second one is AI in Motion Pattern Recognition.


List of Awards


2013 Prize of the Ministry of National Education Romania
2013 Gold Medal of Geneva Invention
2012 National Business Incubation Award Outstanding 
Incubator Client – Technology Hong Kong Awards
2011 Bronze Award – Hong Kong ICT Awards
2010 Gold Award – HKEIA Award
2010 Jade Award – Web Care Award
2009 Certificate of Merit – Hong Kong ICT Award